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2011 Oklahoma Form 512 2-D Instructions
(Return Type: Separate)

Please print and read these instructions before completing the Form 512 2-D!

Important Note: The numeric fields of this filing option will only accept nine digits. If you have monetary amounts in excess of nine digits, please use the fill-in form within the 512 Packet.

What is a 2-D barcode?
The barcode is created as the fill-in fields of the form are completed. It contains all the information required to process your return. This allows the Oklahoma Tax Commission to scan the barcode and eliminates the need for manual data entry. This results in faster, more efficient processing of tax returns and quicker refunds to the taxpayer.

This form has been enhanced to calculate mathematically and will create a 2-D barcode when printed.

You may need to download the instruction packet for this form before you begin. (512 Packet)

In order to ensure calculations work correctly, please observe the following:

  • Fields highlighted in yellow are calculated fields. Amounts cannot be entered into these fields. The amounts reflected in the yellow fields can only be changed by entering new amounts in a field which is part of the calculations.
  • Fields that are blank, or highlighted in blue, will allow you to enter an amount.
  • Please be sure to check all your information prior to printing. Do not make any changes to the printed form. If changes are needed, please make them on the computer, then, print the form. Changes made to the form after printing will not be reflected in the 2-D barcode, and could result in a delay in processing your return.
  • Make sure to re-print and enclose all pages after any changes are made on the computer.

When mailing your return be sure to include any required documentation such as any required Federal or Oklahoma forms or schedules. If your return is a tax due return, make your check payable to the Oklahoma Tax Commission. Please mail the orginal return, not the copy, as this provides a clearer 2-D image. Returns should be mailed to:

Oklahoma Tax Commission
Post Office Box 269045
Oklahoma City, OK 73126-9045

If you need assistance, please call (405) 521-3126.

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