Website Feedback Survey

The Oklahoma Tax Commission strives to continually improve your website experience.  This survey will only take a few minutes to complete and will provide the OTC with valuable information to serve you better. Your answers are confidential. Thank you for your time and input.

Please Note: This form is for specific issues related to your website experience. Tax account inquiries, and tax related questions will not be responded to if you use this form. For such issues please send your inquiry to

How often do you visit the Oklahoma Tax Commission website?

0-1 time per month
2 to 4 times per month
5 to 8 times per month

Tell us about yourself:

I am an individual Oklahoma taxpayer
I am an Oklahoma business taxpayer
I am both an individual and business taxpayer in Oklahoma
None of the above

How do you use the Oklahoma Tax Commission website? (please check all that apply)

Information only
Download Form and/or Publications
Online Filing or Payments
What types of information are you most often looking for when visiting the Oklahoma Tax Commission website? (please check all that apply)
Income Tax
Business Tax
Online Filing
Motor Vehicle
Downloadable Forms
Tax Payments
New Business
Meeting Schedules
Ad Valorem
Gross Production
Downloadable Publications

On average, how long does it take you to find the information you are seeking on the Oklahoma Tax Commission website?

Less than one minute
Two-three minutes
Four-six minutes
Seven minutes or longer
Never found what I was looking for

On your last visit, did you get the information needed from the website?

Yes, the website had what I needed.
No, I could not find the information I needed.

Overall, how would you rank satisfaction with the Oklahoma Tax Commission website?

Very satisfied
Very dissatisfied

If there are tax subjects that you would like to see added, expanded or changed on this website, please let us know. Enter your comments in the space provided below:

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