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    Welcome to your Oklahoma Taxpayer Access Point, otherwise known as OkTAP.

    What is OkTAP?
    OkTAP is the Oklahoma Tax Commission’s (OTC) web-based resource that allows taxpayers, or their designated representatives, access to their accounts online.  Some of the services taxpayers can expect include:
    • Updating a business name, mailing or location address
    • Ceasing/closing existing accounts
    • Viewing account balances
    • Viewing or printing an active permit
    • Communicating with representatives of the Oklahoma Tax Commission
    Who can use OkTAP?
    Currently filers of the following tax types are supported in OkTAP
    • Sales Tax
    • Withholding Tax
    • Nonresident Royalty Withholding Tax
    • Pass through Withholding Tax
    • Use Tax: Vendor
    • Use Tax: Consumers
    • Tire Recycling Fee
    • Mixed Beverage
    • Prepaid Wireless
    • Alcohol Wholesale
    • Cigarette Wholesale
    • Tobacco Wholesale
    • Telephone Surcharge Tax
    • Vehicle Rental Tax
    • Lodging Tax
    • Rural Electric Tax
    • Prepaid Wireless
    • Franchise Tax
    • Rural Electric Co-op License
    • Individual Income Tax: Resident
    Where can I find more information on OkTAP?
    Have questions?  We have answers on our OkTAP faq page.
    Also, look for answers in our OkTAP Guide.
    How do I get Started with OkTAP?
    To become a registered user of OkTAP you must first create your account by selecting a username and password.  Other information you will need includes the following:
    • FEIN or SSN
    • An active email address/account
    • Phone Number
    • OTC Account Number
    • Zip code associated with your OTC account



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