You may make payments by one of the following options:  
  1. ACH Debit  
  2. ACH Credit  
  3. Credit Card  
    You may pay your taxes by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) through one of two Automated Clearing House (ACH) methods:  

Automated Clearing House Debit: (ACH Debit) - We will electronically debit your bank account for the amount of tax payment on the date you specify. During the filing process, you will be asked for your bank routing number, bank account number and an initiate payment date (the date you want us to debit the tax payment from your account). If the filing date is past the due date, the system will default the initiate date to the current filing date. Please note that it takes approximately two (2) business days after the initiate payment date for the money to be debited from your account.

If there is a debit blocker on your account, you may need to notify your bank of the Tax Commission's bank identifier. It is 9STOFOKTXP


Automated Clearing House Credit (ACH Credit):

You initiate an ACH credit by instructing your financial institution to electronically transfer the tax payment from your bank account to the Oklahoma Tax Commission's account. You must provide your bank the following information:


Oklahoma Tax Commission's Bank information - J P Morgan Chase- Routing Number - 103000648


Oklahoma Tax Commission's Bank Account Number - 010229187



Account (Tax) Type Codes:


ATG – Mixed Beverage

STS – Sales Tax

SCU – Consumer Use Tax

SVU – Vendor Use Tax

STW – Tire Recycling Fee

PWF – Prepaid Wireless

WTH – Withholding Employer

WTR – Withholding Royalty


ID Types:


                                   A – Account Number


ID Number – Based on the ID Type above.


Period end date for the report you are remitting (YYYYMMDD)


Payment Types:


                                   RTNPYM – Return Payment


Create Date (YYYMMDD) – Date payment is made


Amount of payment (10000 = $100.00)


Your bank will use this information (items c-i) to send the payment in what is called an addendum record.

To assist you in getting the correct information to your banking institution, you must provide your banking institution with the specific addendum record that is printed on each receipt and/or report.

As an example, for a withholding employer payment, the addendum record will look like this:


Items above:            (c)    (d)                (e)                          (f)                 (g)                 (h)                     (i)



  3. Credit Card - A link to the credit card processor is available on the "Thank You" page, or you can go to