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Ad Valorem: Mapping

Although mapping is not generally considered as a tool of the Oklahoma Tax Commission, it is growing in importance.  The Ad Valorem Division has a seat on the Oklahoma State Geographic Information Council.  This council has a mission of making state and local governments more efficient in their use of mapping and GIS.

The Ad Valorem Division and other state agencies have contracted with the Center for Spatial Analysis of the University of Oklahoma for the creation and maintenance of the school district and municipal boundaries.  These are available for viewing or free download from the Center for Spatial Analysis website.

Since June 5, 2000, municipalities have been required by Title 11, Section 21-112 of the Oklahoma Statutes to file all annexations and de-annexations with the Ad Valorem Division of the Oklahoma Tax Commission as well as with the office of the respective county clerk. The municipalities' point-of-contact is Steve Oliver at (405) 319-8200. The mailing address is Oklahoma Tax Commission, Ad Valorem Division, P. O. Box 269060, Oklahoma City, OK 73126-9060. The municipal boundaries created and maintained from this input is used by the Oklahoma Tax Commission for the assignment and distribution of local and state taxes, use taxes, and public service taxes and by the Oklahoma State Election Board for the protection of the integrity of municipal elections.

The Ad Valorem Division also assists the county assessors with their mapping efforts.  Each county is mandated to map its entire county.  To facilitate this, the Mapping Section of the Ad Valorem Division provides training in various mapping software titles, on-site visits, and data from the latest sources.

Any specific mapping requests should be directed towards the county assessors' offices.  If they cannot help you, please feel free to contact the Ad Valorem Division's  Mapping Specialist, Steve Oliver at (405) 319-8200 or by e-mail.



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