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Online Business Registration System

Welcome to the Online Business Registration System.
This system will allow you to register your business and remit the appropriate permit/license
fees and receive a confirmation number for your filing.

Presently, we accept only the following types of applications:

This system does not allow you to make changes to existing accounts.

  • New Retail Businesses, additional locations and additional licenses     
    • Tax types must be:
      • Withholding
      • Sales Tax
      • Prepaid Wireless
      • Waste Tire
      • Consumer Use
      • Vendor Use
      • Mixed Beverage
      • Tire Recycling
      • Cigarette Retailer
      • Tobacco Retailer
      • Coin-op
      • 3.2 Beer – Brew Pub
      • 3.2 Beer– Draught, Bottle and Can
      • 3.2 Beer – Bottle and Can
      • 3.2 Beer – Off Premise

If you are applying for a 3.2 beer license, you are required to provide a copy of your county beer license.  You will be able to attach your license electronically within this application or you can send by mail or FAX to (405) 521-3826.  If you are applying for a Mixed Beverage permit, you will need to provide a copy of your ABLE license and your bond.  The ABLE license can be added electronically, however, the bond must be mailed or brought to the Oklahoma Tax Commission.

Once you complete your online registration, DO NOT mail a copy to the OTC.

Enter the Online Business Registration System. (click here)

*Important Notice: Due to recent changes in the electronic banking rules, the Oklahoma Tax Commission cannot currently accept ACH debits or credits from foreign financial institution. If you use a foreign financial institution for your banking needs, you must now pay your tax obligations with a credit card, paper check or wire transfer.  Taxpayers will be notified as soon as the Tax Commission can again accept ACH debits or credits from foreign financial institutions.

If you need a copy of the completed application, you must print each screen as you complete it.  You will not be given an opportunity to print upon completion of the application.


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