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Oklahoma Tax Commission:
Gross Production Registration System (Form 320 A/C)

The Oklahoma Tax Commission's Gross Production System is now available for your use. This system allows producers and operators the ability to electronically file OTC lease registration forms, 320-A and 320-C, eliminating the need to submit paper registration forms to the OTC.

The system will allow users to register new wells; request assignment of the lease production unit number (PUN); make changes to existing lease record information; and, make all other changes currently found on the Form 320-C.

Instant On-Line Auto-Approval and PUN Assignment For New Well Registrations (Form 320A)

Effective September 13, 2013, your new well registrations will , in most cases, automatically approve; immediately assigning the PUN if all the required data is entered correctly. An approved acknowledgement displays on-screen and the 320A Form will be available for printing. As a result, an approved paper 320A Form will no longer be mailed to your company or to the companies purchasing product from the well.
The PUN information will be instantly available on our website under the "Public PUN Search" when approved. The well is searchable by the PUN Number, County or Legal Description.


Discontinuance of Purchaser Change Reporting Requirement
– Effective May 2013 

With system enhancements currently under development to streamline well registration and reporting, purchaser changes are no longer required to be reported by operators/producers of active wells. Part 4 of Form 320C relating to adding or cancelling purchasers for a PUN should not be used from this point forward.

A new Form 320C is currently being developed to exclude this information and will be made available upon completion. The current Form 320C may continue to be used for all other changes.

Purchasers/Tax Remitters can obtain the appropriate PUN for the reporting and remittance of gross production tax anytime from the
on-line “Public PUN Search”.
The PUN can be searched by “legal description” or “County and lease name”.  


It is important to download the instructional packet (available below) before accessing the system for the first time. This packet will walk you through the registration process and initial filings. Once you have downloaded the instructions, you may access the Gross Production System through the link below.

Please note that registering for the system does not register you to file Gross Production Tax. Registration forms and information to remit Gross Production taxes may be found at www.tax.ok.gov under the "Forms and Publications" link.

If at any time during the registration process you should need assistance, please contact the OTC Webfile Support group at webfile@tax.ok.gov. Once registered, if assistance is needed, please call the OTC’s Taxpayer Assistance Division at (405) 521-3674.

DOWNLOAD: Gross Production System Instructional Packet (PDF)

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