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Corporate Income Tax Forms..

The following 2014 forms are available for download. These forms are available in the-14.pdf format. You must have Adobe Acrobat software (minimum version of 6.0) installed on your computer to access these files. If you do not have this free software on your computer, click the "Get Adobe Reader" button below to download.

Many of the-14.pdfs are structured to be filled in on your computer and then printed out. If you choose to complete your form on your computer, be sure to print out an additional copy for your files before closing the-14.pdf.

Can I save my Oklahoma Fillinable form?

Adobe Acrobat

Form Number Form Name (select form name to download)
EF Oklahoma Income Tax Declaration for Electronic Filing (for Form 512, 512-S or 514)
EF-V Business Filers Income Tax Payment Voucher (for Form 512, 512-S or 514)
OW-8-ESC Estimated Tax Declaration for Corporations - 2015
(Year End 2016 for Fiscal Year Filers)
OW-8-ESC Estimated Tax Declaration for Corporations - 2014
(Year End 2015 for Fiscal Year Filers)
OW-8-P Worksheet for Underpayment of Estimated Tax
OW-8-P-SUP-C Oklahoma Annualized Income Installment Methods for Corporations and Trusts
Packet S Application for Settlement of Tax Liability
500 Information Return
500A Information Return - Production Payments
500B Information Return - Report of Nonresident Member Income Tax Withheld
501 Annual Information Return (reconciliation for Forms 500, 500A and 500B)
504 Application for Extension of Time to File
506 Investment/Jobs Credit (you will also need Form 511CR)
511CR Schedule for Other Credits
512 2-D Corporate Income Tax Return (form and schedules)
(Return Type: Separate)
2-D barcoded and some calculations done on screen
512 Packet Corporate Income Tax Return Packet (form and instructions)
512X Starting with Tax Year 2013 the Form 512 will be amended by marking a check box on the Form 512.
512E Return of Organization Exempt from Income Tax
512S Packet Small Business Corporate Tax Return Packet (form and instructions)
514 Packet Partnership Information Return Packet (form and instructions)
528 Agricultural Exclusion Information Return
529 Small Business Guarantee Fee Credit (you will also need Form 511CR)
561C Capital Gain Deduction (for corporations filing Form 512)
561P Capital Gain Deduction (for nonresident partner included in Composite Return - Form 514, Part 1)
561S Capital Gain Deduction (for nonresident shareholders whose income is reported on Form 512-S, Part 1)
562 Film or Music Project Credit (you will also need Form 511CR)
565 Credits for Employers in the Aerospace Sector (you will also need Form 511CR)
567-A Credit for Investment in a Clean-Burning Motor Vehicle Fuel Property
(you will also need Form 511CR)
569 Reporting Form for the Transfer or Allocation of a Tax Credit
577 Refundable Coal Credit
578 Refundable Credit for Electricity Generated by Zero-Emission Facilities
599 Request for Copy of Income Tax Return
A-100 Disclosure of Tax Information Authorization

If you would like to download past year tax forms, please click here.
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