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Motor Vehicle: Temporary Permits

Nonresidents temporarily operating vehicles in Oklahoma and residents temporarily utilizing their vehicles in a commercial capacity are subject to the temporary permits described below.

Unless otherwise noted, the outlined temporary permits are available at any Oklahoma tag agency.


Temporary Commercial Permits      

Temporary commercial permits are issued for trucks, truck-tractors, trailers and motor buses, owned by nonresidents, which are properly registered in their home state for the current year and are operating in Oklahoma on a temporary basis not to exceed ninety (90) days.

Nonresidents using their vehicle for hire or commercial purposes may obtain a permit to operate in this state for thirty (30), sixty (60) or ninety (90) days.  To be eligible:

  • The vehicle must be properly and currently registered in the owner’s home state
  • The vehicle must be operating in Oklahoma only on a temporary basis, not to exceed ninety (90) days.

Oklahoma owned trucks on which the farm truck registration has been paid for the current year may obtain temporary permits, not to exceed ninety (90) days, for the purpose of hauling gravel, shale or other road materials, as well as for harvesting (see below).

Harvest Permits

Oklahoma tag agents may issue 30/60/90 day harvest permits only to currently registered Oklahoma farm trucks used during grain harvest, or other seasonal farming activities, for the purpose of hauling farm products other than his/her own.

  • The fee charged is based upon the laden weight declared for the vehicle.
  • Trailers used in harvest and registered in another state are not subject to OK registration.

The Oklahoma Corporation Commission (OCC) is the issuing authority for harvest permits to vehicles registered in another state.  The fee is based on the number of axles on the vehicle and the permits may be extended (through OCC) in 15-day increments.

  • Oklahoma farm registrants have the option of applying for a harvest permit through a tag agency or OCC.

Towing Permits

Section 1133 (I) of Title 47of the Oklahoma Statutes provides the following:

Any person pulling or towing any vehicle intended to be resold, into or through this state, shall pay a fee of Three Dollars ($3.00) for the vehicle towing and Three Dollars ($3.00) for the one being towed. It shall be unlawful to operate any series of such units on the public highways of this state at a distance closer than five hundred (500) feet from each other.

For the above to apply, one or more of the towed vehicles wheels must be touching the ground.   It does not apply to vehicles being transported on trailers.

Towing permits may be purchased at any Oklahoma tag agency.  Questions regarding the applicability of towing permits may be directed to the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety, Motor Carrier Enforcement, at (405)702-0813.

72 Hour Permits

The 72-Hour Permit provides full temporary registration to trucks, truck-tractors, trailers, semitrailers and motor buses which are not registered in Oklahoma, but are currently registered in another state. The Permits are valid for either interstate or intrastate movement. 

72-Hour Permits are now processed through the Oklahoma Corporation Commission.



Overweight Axle Permits are issued in certain situations by the Oklahoma Tax Commission Cashier or Oklahoma Corporation Commission.  Tag agents do not issue these type permits.

  • Overweight Axle Permits are not be confused with Oversize/Overweight permits, which are issued only by the Department of Public Safety.

Overweight Axle Permits are applicable only to commercial trucks carrying specific types of loads and which are already registered at the maximum allowable laden weight for that truck type. 

  • When issued to a qualifying registrant, the overweight permit allows the vehicle load to exceed the normal maximum axle weight of the vehicle by a specific percentage during the applicable permit period.
  • The permit fee is $100.00 and the expiration is one (1) year from date of issuance.

The following cargo and vehicle types generally qualify for Overweight Axle Permits:

  • Rock, Sand, Gravel, Coal
  • Forestry Products
  • Agricultural Products
  • Oilfield Equipment
  • Refuse Truck

For information on Overweight Axle Permit qualifications and the application process, contact the Oklahoma Tax Commission Cashier’s office at (in state toll free) 1-800-522-8165, extension 12830, or (direct)405-521-2830.


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