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MV: Boats and Outboard Motors

Boat and outboard motor registration fees are based upon a combination of the manufacturer's original retail selling price of the boat/outboard motor and its current age.

The registration fee on a new boat/outboard motor is assessed at $1.00, plus $1.00 per $100.00 of value exceeding $150.00, with a maximum annual fee of $151.00. The fee decreases 10% each year through the 11th year, at which point the annual registration fee remains constant.

There are several options now available for renewal notification including email notification. Not only can you receive your notification electronically, you now have the option to renew your vehicle tag online through the Oklahoma Tax Commission's CARS online application. Look for the addition of Boat and Motor renewals online in the future.

To review all renewal notification options, please visit our Renewal Notification Options page.

The visit the CARS online renewal site, please click here.



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