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MV: Original Oklahoma Titles Placed on Hold

When an out of state ownership document other than a negotiable instrument is submitted (i.e. out of state registration in the applicant’s name is provided, but no title certificate), or the vehicle is temporarily unavailable for inspection, an Oklahoma hold title record may be created. This allows the vehicle to be registered only – with the Oklahoma title remaining on "hold" until the proper document is presented, or inspection completed, at the Motor Vehicle Division or any Oklahoma motor license agency.

Should an Oklahoma title be placed on serial inspection hold and the vehicle and owner subsequently relocate to another state without first obtaining a release of the Oklahoma title, an original (no photocopy or fax) written vehicle inspection performed by one of the following may be accepted:

  • That state’s Department of Motor Vehicle, on their inspection form or letterhead.
  • That state’s law enforcement agency, on their letterhead
  • Military Police, on their letterhead

The inspection must verify the vehicle was visually inspected and must list the following information:

  1. The vehicle identification number
  2. The odometer reading
  3. The date of the inspection
  4. Printed name, title and signature of the inspector



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