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MV: Transfer of Oklahoma Titles

When transferring ownership of a vehicle currently titled in Oklahoma, the following items are generally required:

  • A properly assigned and notarized Oklahoma certificate of title. (Click here for an Example)
  • Verification of liability insurance (motor vehicles only). Verification form must be in compliance with Oklahoma requirements (Refer to Liability Insurance Verification).
  • Lien release for any active liens. (If no release, the active lien will be carried forward and reflected on the transfer title issued.)
  • Current registration, unless the title being transferred is a salvage or junk title.
  • When transferring ownership of a motor vehicle nine (9) years old or newer, a completed odometer disclosure statement is required. This statement is generally incorporated into title certificate ownership assignments.  A separate odometer disclosure statement form (Form 729) is available for downloading from the Forms Section of this site.
  • Purchase price documentation - selling price listed on the title assignment (when block provided), a purchase contract, bill of sale or a Declaration of Vehicle Purchase Price (OTC Form 722-1) available for downloading from the Forms Section of this site.

Notice to Boat/Outboard Motor Owners

Effective November 1, 1999, upon ownership transfer of every boat or outboard motor, the seller must complete a notarized statement confirming the hull identification number (boat) or serial number (motor) matches that on the ownership document being transferred. The statement is incorporated into Oklahoma boat/outboard motor titles issued since June of 2000. A separate Boat or Outboard Motor Serial Number Confirmation (Form BM 10) is available for downloading from the Forms section of this site.


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