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Oklahoma Sales and Use Tax Rate Locator System

The Oklahoma Tax Commission has developed this tax rate data system to help you determine the correct sales or use tax to charge on delivery sales. This data system assigns city and county tax rates to all of the ZIP+4 Code areas in the state. It will allow you to find the correct ZIP+4 Code area (and corresponding tax rates) for individual addresses.

This data system allows you to:

  • Lookup individual addresses -- you can find the correct tax rates for a particular delivery address.
  • Print tax rate information -- you can print tax rate data by ZIP Code area, by city, or county.
  • Download tax rate information -- you can download the tax rate data by ZIP Code area, by city or county, in order to use it on your own computer or with your processing software.
  • View or print maps -- you can view or print maps that identify city and county boundaries in order to help you determine the proper rate to charge for a delivery location. View Maps
  • Gain certain liability protection -- if you collect the incorrect tax amount, you can be held responsible for paying the tax deficiency plus applicable penalties and interest. By using this data, you can gain certain protections against this potential liability.
  • Find tax rates -- you can look up sales or use tax rates.

Enter the Sales & Use Tax Rate Locator System

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