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Unconventional Vehicles

All terrain vehicles (ATV's) -A vehicle manufactured and used exclusively for off-highway use, traveling on four or more non-highway tires and having a seat designed to be straddled by the operator and handlebars for steering.

Off-Road Motorcycle (ORM) - A motorcycle used exclusively off roads or highways of this state.

Utility Vehicle - A vehicle powered by an internal combustion engine, manufactured and used exclusively for off-highway use, equipped with seating for two or more people and a steering wheel, traveling on four or more wheels.

Low-Speed Electrical Vehicle - Any four wheeled electrical vehicle that is powered by an electric motor that draws current from rechargeable storage batteries or other sources of electrical current and whose top speed is greater than twenty (20) miles per hour but not greater than twenty-five (25) miles per hour and is manufactured in compliance with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration standards for low speed electrical vehicles in 49 C.F.R. 571.500.

Medium-Speed Electrical Vehicle - Any self-propelled, electrically powered four-wheeled motor vehicle, equipped with a roll cage or crush proof body design, whose speed attained in one (1) mile is more than thirty (30) miles per hour but not greater than thirty-five (35) miles per hour.

Mini-Truck - (Law effective November 1, 2008) A foreign-manufactured import or domestic-manufactured vehicle powered by an internal combustion engine with a piston or rotor displacement of one thousand cubic centimeters (1000 cu cm) or less, which is sixty-seven (67) inches or less in width, with an unladen dry weight of three thousand four hundred (3400) pounds or less, traveling on four or more tires, having a top speed of approximately fifty-five (55) miles per hour, equipped with a bed or compartment for hauling and having an enclosed passenger cab.

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