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Press Release
February 1, 2007

New Sales Tax Exemption Cards for 100% Disabled Veterans Released;
Vendor Notice Mailed

New Sales Tax Exemption Cards have been issued to 100% disabled veterans recently. A notice (Notice ST107) was mailed in late January to vendors to make them aware of the new cards. The notice identified both the old and new card styles are both are to be honored.

Vendors were also reminded of the rules to accepting such exemption cards:

  • Vendors who have actual knowledge that a consumer is entitled to the sales tax exemption provided to a 100% disabled veteran and who willfully or intentionally refuse to honor the exemption may be fined $500 per offense.

  • The exemption has been expanded to include sales for the benefit of the disabled veteran to a spouse of such veteran or to a member of the household in which the veteran resides and who is authorized to make purchases on the veterans’ behalf, when such veteran is not present at the sale. The purchaser is required to furnish their exemption card in order to claim the exemption.

For more information on this exemption, please see the FAQ Section of our website under "Disabled Veterans Questions". For further assistance, please call our Taxpayer Resource Center at (405) 521-3160 or in-state toll free at (800) 522-8165.

Download: Notice ST107

Link: FAQ Section of our website - Disabled Veteran Questions


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