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Informational Notice
May 11, 2011

Updated May 12, 2011
Updated July 13, 2011

Electric Vehicle Information Update

The Commissioners of the Tax Commission recently issued Orders regarding the eligibility of Tomberlin and Ruff & Tuff vehicles for the electric car income tax credit.  The Commissioners ruled that Ruff & Tuff vehicles qualified for the credit, but that Tomberlin vehicles did not.

Affected taxpayers will be notified by mail of the rulings. The Orders have posted to the Tax Commission website and are available to interested taxpayers.

Claims of taxpayers who purchased a Ruff & Tuff vehicle and have tagged and registered that vehicle will be processed for the allowance of the credit as soon as possible. 

Hearing and disposition of claims regarding other manufacturers’ vehicles will soon be scheduled, taking into account the Commissioners’ findings and conclusions regarding the eligibility of Ruff and Tuff and Tomberlin vehicles for the income tax credit.

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