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Press Release
June 8, 2007

Oklahoma Tax Commission Initiates Pilot Partnership Program
With OESC Workforce Oklahoma

In a new partnership with the Oklahoma Employment Security Commission, Oklahoma taxpayers will soon be able to access Tax Commission information while conducting business at the OESC Workforce Oklahoma Center.

“We are looking forward to this pilot program that we are initiating with the OESC,” said Paula Ross, Oklahoma Tax Commission spokesperson. “Both of our agencies have many of the same common goals and believe in providing Oklahomans with quality and courteous service.”

Located at 1201 East Wade Watts Avenue in McAlester, the OESC Workforce Oklahoma Center has a resource room available that taxpayers will be able to use to communicate with OTC personnel by phone, download and print tax forms, electronically pay income and business taxes, and gain tax information through the OTC website.

Over the last several years the agency has also made a great impact on the web by providing options for electronic filing and payment of business and income taxes, answers to frequently asked questions, and the ability for taxpayers to download reporting forms. In 2006 approximately six million forms were downloaded from the agency site. The agency also received $5.9 billion in payments through various electronic funds transfer programs during the same fiscal year. The agency web address is www.tax.ok.gov.

Due to the large increase in taxpayers’ use of the agency’s website services the amount of in-office visits from taxpayers to OTC satellite offices has dropped significantly in recent years. Effective June 22, 2007 the McAlester branch office of the Tax Commission will be closing.

“Partnering with the OESC seemed like a natural step for our agency. They already have a history of working well with several other state agencies in providing services to Oklahomans throughout the state,” said Ross. “We believe this pilot program is an important collaborative effort for all involved.”


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