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Press Release
September 9, 2011

Oklahoma Tax Commission Begins Collection Hearings
in Tulsa

The Oklahoma Tax Commission (OTC) announced they are now scheduling and holding compliance hearings in its Tulsa Office. 

During the initial week 24 hearings were scheduled, with 13 actually being held.  Taxpayers failing to attend their scheduled hearing had their permits cancelled.

“The goal of these hearings is to work with businesses to comply with the tax laws, not to shut the business down,” said Paula Ross, OTC spokesperson.

Compliance hearings, also known as Notice to Show Cause hearings, are a step in the collections process for taxpayers who have not filed required reports or remitted past due sales taxes owed to the state, city or county.  At these hearings, taxpayers have an opportunity to come and present their case as to why they should be allowed to continue to operate their business to an Administrative Law Judge.  At the hearing, the judge will require the taxpayer to file all delinquent reports and pay the amounts due in one payment or through a payment plan.  In extreme cases, the judge might order the taxpayer to cease operations.

“The Oklahoma City office in 2011 conducted more than 900 hearings for businesses across the state,” said Paula Ross.  “Having hearings in our Tulsa office will make it more convenient for the taxpayers located in the eastern part of Oklahoma to attend.”

Hearings are only open to the taxpayer and their representatives due to the confidentiality of taxpayer information.

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