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Public Notice
December 29, 2010

1099-G Mailing Underway

Oklahoma taxpayers may begin seeing 1099G’s show up in their mailboxes.  The 1099G is issued by the Oklahoma Tax Commission and reflects the total amount of the income tax refund available for the tax year (shown in Box 3) as a result of filing an Oklahoma tax return. 

In some cases the amount of the 1099G may not be the same amount as the actual refund the taxpayer received.  Part or all of the refund could have been used to pay an outstanding liability owed to the State of Oklahoma including use taxes, balances due to other agencies/entities, or taxes due for a previous year.

If the taxpayers did not claim itemized deductions on the Federal income tax return for the tax year shown in Box 3 of the 1099G, no further action is required from the taxpayer. 

If a taxpayer claimed the itemized deductions on their Federal income tax return for the tax year shown in Box 3 of the 1099G, it may be necessary to report this amount as income on the Federal income tax return for the year in which you received the refund.  Taxpayers should refer to line 10 instructions on the Federal Form 1040.

Taxpayers should remember that to avoid a delay in the processing of income tax returns, it is recommended that they file early and electronically.  Electronic filing options, Free File options, tax forms, instructions and payment options can all be found in one place: www.tax.ok.gov.




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